Difference between Sync and Async mode

 LED display’s control system is usually divided into sync mode a

Gray Scale of LED Displays

LED display's gray scale is one of its essential parameters, representing the color or gray level of the LEDs. It in

How to install Led Screens?

Confirmation of Installation TypesConsidering the diverse applications of LED displays, our installation options cater t

LED Video Processor: Key Device for Display Screen

The LED video processor is a crucial device for display screens, and its quality directly affects the display effect of

Comparing Black LED and White LED

LED displays typically use white LEDs, especially in outdoor settings. However, a recent trend, particularly in small-pi

What is fine pitch LED display

What is fine pitch LED display?LED display industry usually uses pixel pitch to define product specifications, such as P

What kind of LED Billboards is in Coastal Areas?

LED billboards offer versatile advertising solutions for businesses to engage their target audience effectively. Wi

3D LED Displays

3D LED Displays "Glasses-Free"                    

How to Solve Display Moiré In Photographing?

When taking photos or videos on LED displays with cellphones, you often find stripes flickering on the screen's phot

LED Transparent Screen Applications

In previous articles, we shared the advantages of transparent LED screens, their hollow-carved design reduce the sight o

How To Reduce Dead Pixels Rate of Big LED Billboards

LED screen's core components is consist of LED chips and IC drivers. As LED sensitivity to static electricity, impro

How to Choose Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays

Indoor LED display refers to large and medium-sized LED display devices used indoors, from 1sqm to over 10sqm, pixel den

Choosing the Right LED Display for Hotels

With the progress of society, many hotels install LED displays to enhance service quality. However, due to limited knowl

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