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What is fine pitch LED display

  • 09 06, 2022

What is fine pitch LED display?

LED display industry usually uses pixel pitch to define product specifications, such as P6, P2.5, and P2, with pitch of 6mm, 2.5mm, and 2mm, respectively.

According to the industry consensus, LED displays with P2 or less are considered fine pitch.

 What is fine pitch LED display

Tip: The pixel pitch refers to the distance between the center points of two adjacent LED lamps.


Fine pitch displays represent a collective achievement in technological progress and process improvement. compare to traditional large pitch LED displays,

fine pitch LED displays have following advantages:


Advantage 1: Seamless Splicing

In the past, limited by production technology, there were tiny gaps when large screens were spliced, which was the industry pain point. The emergence of fine pitch displays make seamless splicing possible for large screens.

What is fine pitch LED display

Advantage 2: High Brightness with Intelligent Adjustment

The high-brightness display of fine pitch LED displays, combined with light-sensitive system adjustments, ensures a comfortable viewing experience under any lighting conditions. What is fine pitch LED display

Advantage 3: High Gray Level for Better Color Performance

Even at low brightness, the gray level performance of the display is nearly perfect. The image displayed has higher levels of hierarchy and vibrancy compared to traditional displays, showcasing more details and information.

 What is fine pitch LED display

Advantage 4: High Resolution and Natural Color Reproduction

Point-by-point correction technology, utilizing the principles of LED emission, preserves the authenticity of colors, avoiding color loss and deviation caused by other display technologies such as backlight projection materials and light paths. This achieves true color reproduction.

 What is fine pitch LED display

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