About Us

About Us

Shenzhen Eclat Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in cutting-edge LED display R&D, manufacturing, and sales. Our product range includes outdoor LED billboards, indoor fixed screens, transparent LED displays, and custom-shaped LED screens.


Eclat has a wide variety of experience from broadcast and advertising industries. we are dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art LED display solutions. Our diverse team have been involved with some of the largest and most successful LED display projects. We work together and independently to ensure the seamless success of every project, providing a comprehensive package of high-value products and services to meet diverse requirements in the advertising market.



Eclat Screen:

Innovation: Stay ahead with our cutting-edge LED display technology.

Quality Assurance: Eclat Screen is synonymous with reliability and superior performance.

Customer-Centric Solutions: Tailored LED solutions for unique visual projects.

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