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3D LED Displays

  • 01 11, 2022

3D LED Displays "Glasses-Free" 


Recently years, glasses-free 3D LED displays have been frequently emerging, captivating everyone's attention with their stunning and lifelike visual effects. Compared to other screens, 3D LED displays boast higher brightness, more vibrant colors, increased contrast, and an ultra-thin profile, providing a natural and comfortable viewing experience with a wider range of angles.

In immersive settings such as VR, AR, and stage design, the application of glasses-free 3D technology allows individuals to experience true "conscious immersion."

3D LED Displays

3D LED Displays

What is Glasses-Free 3D?

The implementation of glasses-free 3D on LED displays involves creating a three-dimensional effect within a two-dimensional image by leveraging the proximity, size, shadow effects, and perspective relationships of objects. The display screen folds the image by 90 degrees, utilizing video materials that adhere to the principles of perspective. The left screen displays the left view of the image, while the right screen displays the main view. When a person stands in front of the corner to observe, they simultaneously see the side and front of the object, presenting a realistic three-dimensional effect.

3D LED Displays


Behind the seemingly stunning display effects are numerous technological refinements and robust product support. Achieving impressive 3D display effects requires high demands on the hardware of the display screen, including high refresh rates, high grayscale levels, high dynamic contrast, smooth transitions in curved/cornered displays, and high-quality video material production. This necessitates stable display screen devices with excellent color expression as support.

*Curved Splicing: Smooth transitions at corners enhance overall screen integrity.

*Display Effects: High refresh rates, contrast, grayscale, and brightness contribute to stable images, ripple-free black screens, clear image edges, and accurate reproduction of image details.

*Automatic Brightness Adjustment: Perfectly matches changes in ambient light, providing a gentle content effect.

*Slim Profile: Easy to install, reducing the load on buildings.


3D LED Displays

3D LED Displays

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