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How to Solve Display Moiré In Photographing?

  • 09 23, 2021

When taking photos or videos on LED displays with cellphones, you often find stripes flickering on the screen's photo, resembling water ripples. This is commonly known as moiré. It affects the images quality. What causes moiré, and how to solve it?, below are the answers


How to Solve Display Moiré In Photographing?

What Causes Moiré?


Moire, professionally termed as Moiré pattern, it happens when taking photos/ videos on a low-refresh LED display by smartphones or cameras. It appears as continuous flickering and jumping of horizontal bars, adversely affecting the photo effect. In LED display parameters, refresh rate is very crucial. It also influences the screen price. The refresh rate refers to the times per second which screeen repeats playing the content. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). LED displays have varying refresh rates, including low rates and high rates like 1920Hz, 2880Hz, 3840Hz, etc.


For low-refresh LED screens, when cellphone take pictures, it will see moiré phenomenon, while for high-refresh LED displays, hardly have such situation.

 How to Solve Display Moiré In Photographing?

How to solve Moiré?


The primary solution is choosing right refresh rate display at beginning. This can fundamentally solve the problem. However, higher refresh rate is higher cost too.


If display has been installed already, can't switch to a higher refresh rate, you can only remedy by photo equipments and techniques. such as changing camera's position and angle, or adjusting lens focus, that may help, even remedy effects are not very significant.


In reality, whether high-refresh or low-refresh display, naked eye are hard to tell. It's only noticed when HD camera equipments taking photoes.


Of course, high-refresh LED displays provid more comfortable viewing experience. The choice is based on client's budget, and whether there is a frequent need for photo/ video taking. 

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