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Choosing the Right LED Display for Hotels

  • 05 22, 2018

With the progress of society, many hotels install LED displays to enhance service quality. However, due to limited knowledge, people often don't know how to make the right purchase. Today Eclat will introduce some tips

Choosing the Right LED Display for Hotels


The installation area of indoor LED displays is limited, brightness should be lower than outdoor displays. Additionally, to accommodate viewers' eye adaptation, brightness should be adaptive and adjustable.


Viewing Distance:

The pixel pitch of indoor LED displays is generally below P5mm, and the viewing distance is relatively close, especially for small pitch LED screens, with viewing distances as close as 1–2 meters. As the viewing distance shorter, display requirements increase, demanding outstanding detail presentation and color reproduction without noticeable granularity – and Eclat LED screens are well-know for such advantages.


Installation Environment:

Consider the installation environment, including temperature, humidity, and lighting, to ensure stable operation and excellent performance of the LED display.


High-Definition Display:

With the rapid development of the entertainment industry, people have higher demands for image quality. Therefore, when choosing LED displays, it's crucial to focus on whether they have high-definition technology to create high-quality images.


High Brightness Technology:

In commercial applications, LED displays often need to be showcased outdoors, even in direct sunlight. Therefore, high brightness technology is essential to enhance visual effects.

Choosing the Right LED Display for Hotels

Modular Design:

LED displays in commercial applications may face accidental damage. Modular design facilitates easy maintenance or replacement of components, reducing repair costs. At the same time, it ensures device stability and long-term usability.


After-Sales Service:

Choosing a supplier with excellent after-sales service is crucial. When selecting LED displays, it's important to understand the supplier's after-sales service policy, including warranty periods, technical support, and spare parts supply.



On top of meeting the above conditions, it's necessary to consider whether the price of the LED display fits the budget. Look for products with high cost-effectiveness rather than just chasing low prices.

Choosing the Right LED Display for Hotels

In summary, choosing the right LED display for hotels requires consideration of multiple factors, including brightness, viewing distance, installation environment, screen area, high-definition display technology, high brightness technology, modular design, after-sales service, and cost-effectiveness.

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