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How To Reduce Dead Pixels Rate of Big LED Billboards

  • 10 16, 2020

LED screen's core components is consist of LED chips and IC drivers. As LED sensitivity to static electricity, improper grounding during installation can lead to the breakdown of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), increasing the risk of dead pixels. Below are some key measures to reduce this risk:

 How To Reduce Dead Pixels Rate of Big LED Billboards

1. Power Supply Grounding

LED screens operate at around 5V with a typical current< 20 milliamps. The fragile nature of LEDs in the face of static electricity and abnormal voltage or current shocks requires effective protection measures. Proper power supply grounding is common protective method. The power supply, converting AC 220V to stable DC 5V, is designed with an EMI filter circuit for stability. In cases of inadequate grounding, leakage current can cause chip or lamp tube damage.


2. Correct Grounding Practices and Misconceptions

Common mistakes in LED screen grounding include:

Assuming that outdoor column structures are automatically grounded, so didn't set LED screen grounding.

Think power supplies are locked in the box, and boxes are structurally interconnected, so structural grounding implies power supply grounding.

Above 2 misconceptions can lead to high ground resistance, causing delayed or residual leakage current discharge. Proper grounding involves using dedicated yellow-green dual-color wires to connect and tighten all power supply ground terminals, then leading them to the grounding terminal.


3. Standard Grounding Procedure

For sites without grounding terminals, connections can be made to iron water pipes or iron sewage pipes buried in the ground. However, explosive or flammable pipelines must not be used. Alternatively, grounding bodies like angle steel or steel pipes can be buried horizontally or vertically as simple grounding points. Grounding resistance must be less than 4 ohms to ensure timely leakage current discharge.


Ensure protective grounding terminal> 20m from ground. to prevent a potential increase in ground potential. This strategic approach mitigates the risk of equipment damage during lightning strikes.


Proper grounding is essential for the safety and performance of LED screens.

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