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How to Choose Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays

  • 03 15, 2019

Indoor LED display refers to large and medium-sized LED display devices used indoors, from 1sqm to over 10sqm, pixel density is relatively high.


Outdoor LED displays have high brightness, several times higher than indoor displays. Therefore, outdoor displays must use ultra-high brightness lamps. Additionally, outdoor LED displays need to be waterproof, sun-resistant, dust-proof, heat-resistant, wind-resistant, and lightning-resistant, while indoor LED displays do not need to consider these issues.


Choosing by Display Specifications 

LED display specifications come in various sizes, such as P0.9, P1.2, P1.5, P1.8, P2.5, P3, P4 for indoor models, and P5, P6, P8, P10 for outdoor models. Different sizes have different pixel pitch and display effects, so the choice should be based on specific requirements.

 How to Choose Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays

Choosing by Display W/H Ratio 

The aspect ratio of the installed LED display directly affects the viewing effect. Therefore, the W/H ratio is also an important factor when selecting a display. Graphic screens usually don't have a fixed ratio, mainly determined by the displayed content. Video screens commonly have aspect ratios like 4:3, 16:9, etc.


Choosing by LED Display Color 

LED displays can be single-color, dual-color, or full-color. Currently, full-color displays are the mainstream.


LED displays come in various models. Depending on customer display environments and different usage scenarios, you can choose indoor LED series products with pitches ranging from P0.9 to P4 and outdoor LED series products with pitches ranging from P5 to P10.


They provide high-definition quality, using high-quality small-pitch LED beads for high contrast, rich and vivid colors. The displays have detailed and realistic colors, adopting high-integration, high-gray-level, high-refresh display technology. The 16-bit processing system achieves 65536 levels of grayscale, with a high refresh rate of over 3840 Hz, suitable for high-speed cameras and HDTV broadcasts.


LED displays feature high-quality modules, using modular display unit module design that allows seamless splicing in any direction, size, or shape. They are waterproof, dust-proof, easy to disassemble, install, and convenient for maintenance.


Utilizing RGB three-primary color imaging technology, the wide color gamut meets broadcast-level standards. After single-point brightness and chromaticity correction, the screen's color temperature can be adjusted within the range of 3000-12000K.


How to choose the right pitch for clear effects 

Need to remind users, for LED displays, that smallest pitch is not always the bestsuitable one is the right one. Consider the size and viewing distance. Eclat professional sales staff will provide suitable advice based on your situation, whether for outdoor LED billboard, LED video wall, LED digital sign.......Below some indoor examples for your reference.


How to Choose Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays

P0.8, P0.9, P1.0, P1.25, P1.53, P1.667, P1.875, P1.9 belong to indoor small pitch LED display models. commonly used in government offices, institutions, and public places (such as video conferences, monitoring centers, command centers, studios, etc.), requiring clear viewing at close distances. These models have high pixel density, and the cost is relatively higher.


P2, P2.5, P3 are indoor high-definition LED display models, commonly used in meeting rooms, lecture halls, exhibition halls, projections, corridors, etc. They are suitable for viewing distances of 3m or more, with an effective area of over 4sqm.


P4, P5 are commonly used in hotel banquet halls, restaurant stage background LED large screens, and can be used for temporary stage setup, events, and LED stage screens for performances. To facilitate transportation, they are made into individual boxes that can be freely assembled according to any size, with options for iron or aluminum boxes, along with aviation packaging for transport.

How to Choose Indoor and Outdoor LED Displays

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