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How to install Led Screens?

  • 11 14, 2023

Confirmation of Installation Types

Considering the diverse applications of LED displays, our installation options cater to different needs: fixed installation, rental hanging installation, and sports perimeter installation.


Tailoring to the operational environment, we offer various installation types, allowing clients to choose based on practical considerations. One Display can provide steel structural drawings for reference.


Here's an overview of some installation types:


1. Wall Mounting Installation:

Typically used for indoor and semi-outdoor settings.

Small active display areas may require removal of the entire LED display for maintenance.

Front maintenance design is often adopted for slightly larger active display areas.

How to install Led Screens?

2. Column Installation:

Various column installation types are available for outdoor advertising:

Single column for small screens.

Double column for large screens.

Closed maintenance channel for simple cabinets.

Opened maintenance channel for standard cabinets.

 How to install Led Screens?

3. Wall Embedded Installation:

The LED display is embedded in the wall at the same level as the display plane.

Simple cabinet design is adopted.

Front maintenance design is generally used.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, especially for small pixel pitch and small LED screens.

Commonly used for building entrances and lobbies.

 How to install Led Screens?

4. Building Roof Installation:

Key focus on wind resistance.

Often installed with a tilt angle or with an 8° oblique module design.

Primarily for outdoor advertising.

 How to install Led Screens?

5. Curve Installation:

Customized based on customer requirements:

Screen width (W) and length (L) are determined.

Length is calculated based on the perimeter of the curve, divided by the module length.

Non-circular or curved screens are cut to fit requirements.

Installation racks are customized to the size of the round or curve screen.

 How to install Led Screens?

 These installation types offer flexibility and customization to ensure the perfect fit for your LED display needs.

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